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Yokahú Kayak Trips

Hiking, Kayaking & Snorkeling in Puerto Rico
Discover the treasures of the island..

Yokahú Kayak Trips

Join our El Yunque Rainforest and Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico Tours

Yokahú Kayak Trips

Experience the Most Adventurous Kayaking in Puerto Rico

Discover the Treasures of the Islands with our Kayak Tours in Puerto Rico!

Yokahú Kayak Tours in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a land of unspoiled beauty with natural reserves, an unsullied ecosystem, and incredible bioluminescent lagoons… all best explored atop a lightweight, superior-grade ocean kayak. With the support of Yokahú, the “Good God,” and over ten years of experience, Yokahú Kayaks is dedicated to being the best in the business. Expect an unforgettable experience discovering the treasures of Puerto Rico with the best equipment, people, and overall value.

Feel secure in our new, extremely stable kayaks, and feel safe with our friendly, DNR certified tour guides as they lead you through Puerto Rico’s lush scenery while instructing you in basic safety and proper kayaking. Make the greener choice by choosing Yokahú for your Puerto Rican adventure. This family-owned company maintains its commitment to the environment as we continue to clean our tour areas and recycle responsibly.

Isn’t it time you explored Puerto Rico the way the natives did? Endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and favored by travelers from all over, we give you an unforgettable tour. Make your reservations today!

Have an Epic Time Kayaking in Puerto Rico!

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Very friendly and helpful staff. Equipment was in good condition. Please be aware the distance you will be required to paddle is significant. The bioluminescence is really cool to see. If the sky isn't totally dark, you will likely need a tarp to see it.

– G W | Google
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It was amazing! Our guide was great he taught us about science, nature, history, and made us laugh! Thank you gentlemen! I believe is was Josh, Chris, Anibal, and Omar. Hopefully I remembered you all if not thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

– Cristina P. | Google
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The staff were very nice and experienced. Every thing was explained clearly. They showed all the way to the lagoon and showed the luminance under the tarp. The 6 o'clock session is good. It was not too dark when we started and get dark enough when get in the lagoon. After back to starting point, bottle water and snacks were served.

– Alan Z. | Google
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Awesome experience. Very helpful staff and professional. Unique opportunity to witness this rare ecosystem. Worth every penny (especially considering all the extra staff they bring with each group to provide the warranted security of a very dark night kayak ride).

– A B | Google
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Amazing View

This is my second time doing the bio bay kayak tour. It is truly a natural wonder. Never gets old. The guides are very knowledgeable and make the whole experience even better. David has a lot of experience with the bio bay and a lot of stories to share.

– Bennyjazz1980 | TripAdvisor
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Bio Bay Wonders

This was my 2nd time visiting the Bio Bay with Yokahú and, as the first time, they were AMAZING. David and Yamil were our tour guides and they were so knowledgeable and great! It was my husband's first time in the island and the first time seeing a bio bay and he loved it! Will definitely be back!

– Asepulvedariv | TripAdvisor
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We booked last minute and were a bit weary because they were not rated #1. I cant understand why, the staff is so kind, knowledgeable, funny. The equipment is great, overall and amazing experience. Highly recommend them. We travel all over the world and these guys are top notch.

– Maria A. | TripAdvisor
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Bioluminescent kayak trip

This trip was wonderful! We enjoyed learning a lot from our wonderful tour guides. The trip was a quick kayak through the mangroves to the lagoon. Once there the moon was a little too bright to see the bioluminescent organisms so the guides used a tarp over our heads and it was magical!!!

– F1679YAangies | TripAdvisor